Am I correctable?

Yesterday we asked the question: Am I teachable?

Today, we want to ask: Am I correctable?

Being teachable implies a willingness and ability to learn. Often it used in the idea of learning something new.

Being correctable implies a humility wherein I can acknowledge I am completing a task in a wrong manner, and I am willing to change.

In order to draw closer to God through reading His word, we each need to be teachable and correctable.  If you are reading this blog, you have the ability to learn.  Only you can answer if you are correctable are you willing to let the Holy Spirit work in you to show you where you may have had false ideas about Scripture, or salvation, or God?

How humbling to realize when something you have done for years, is wrong.  How humbling when you learn something you believed for years is wrong.  God wants us humbled.  When we are truly humbled, we are ready to listen to His voice, and ready to make the necessary changes. When we are humbled, we can finally get ourselves out of the way and let God work through us.

Proverbs 16:18 “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.”   Because of relocating many times in our first decade of marriage, my husband and I have attended several churches over the years.  What drew us most to any church wherever we landed, was the church whose body said “We do not know everything.  We turn to Scripture and we ask questions!”  They were not burdened by human traditions.  They were willing to change if  Scripture told them something they followed was false, or simply not there.

Am I that way?  Am I willing to put my beliefs to the Scripture test?  I certainly believe so, certainly hope so.

We are all human, we have all sinned and fall short fo the glory of God, yet He still loves us.  He is still offering forgiveness.

Because He chose me, I want to give His word an in-depth study.  I want to be teachable and be correctable.

How about you?

As you reflect on today’s post, pray that we each embark on a quest for truth.

Please return on Monday, when, Lord willing, we will begin our examination of the Scriptures.

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