God the Creator, Part I

“You are worthy, Our Lord & God, to receive glory and honor, for you created all things, And by your will they were created and have their being.” Rev:4:11

God is God.  He created all things.  That thought, that revelation should stop me in my tracks. Try as I might, I can not create something from nothing.

As spring has sprung here in the midwestern United States, we have been planting flowers and plants, hoping for some measure of yield in the produce department come late summer. I marvel at the beauty of the flowers as I plant them.  My four-year-old tenderly waters them with the almost too big watering can, and I think anew of how creative God is.

Revelations tells us that because He created all things, he is worthy to receive glory and honor.

He did something not one of us can hope to do: created the world and everything in it.  When I am out in nature, taking a walk through the woods, it is so easy to see God’s fingerprints everywhere.  His created beauty is unsurpassed.

Try as we might, human artists never seem to create anything more beautiful than a replica of God’s ideas.

He created everything.  He lovingly gave us this earth as our temporary home. How often do I sit and admire His creation?  How often do I offer Him praise?

A dear friend is very creative and produces beautiful works in words.  She was deeply hurt that someone she loves dearly would not take the time to read what she had written.  As we discussed this issue, I wondered how  I hurt God when I do not even stop to look at what He has created. I think I do not have time for it.

Where I live, we experience all four seasons.  Spring is such a beautiful time of renewal of the earth, and of lush vegetation. The flowers burst forth, proudly proclaiming ‘Winter is over’!  Those of us living in the snow belts greatly rejoice!

Ironically, it is also a very busy time for many who love the land: farmers must work sun-up to sun-down, preparing the soil so they too will have a bountiful fall harvest.

I know I often get so caught up in what I am doing, I fail to see the beauty bursting forth surrounding me. How often do I miss God’s call because I fail to take time to listen for it?

How often do my conversations with Him begin with requests, instead of honor and glory? How often do my exercise jaunts in nature really focus inwardly, instead of outwardly on my surroundings: God’s creation?

I am so glad and humbled that He has not given up on me, nor will He ever do so!

Let us all give Him praise and glory for what He has done!


1) What do I admire most in God’s creation?

2) Make time to focus on what God created, and then the Creator!

3) Offer God pure and simple, unadulterated praise and thanks for all He has created.

4) Sincerely share joy with someone over what God has created, be it a rose plant blooming, or the wonders of a beautiful sunset.

5) Make sure to “schedule” time with God each day, and make an effort to begin your conversation with praise, instead of petition.

What do you think?  Is there a topic you wonder about?  Share your thoughts! Thanks so much for reading! The next post will be up by Monday, May 28.

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