Lessons from Ruth, Part VI

“For the man will not rest until the matter is settled today.” Ruth 3:18b

Read Ruth 3:14-18  So she lay at his feet until morning, but got up before anyone could be recognized; and he said, “No one must know that a woman came to the threshing floor.”15 He also said, “Bring me the shawl you are wearing and hold it out.” When she did so, he poured into it six measures of barley and placed the bundle on her. Then he went back to town.When Ruth came to her mother-in-law, Naomi asked, “How did it go, my daughter?”Then she told her everything Boaz had done for her and added, “He gave me these six measures of barley, saying, ‘Don’t go back to your mother-in-law empty-handed.’ Then Naomi said, “Wait, my daughter, until you find out what happens. For the man will not rest until the matter is settled today.”

Boaz was just as obedient and sensitive to God’s laws as Ruth.

In these verses, we see him caring for her reputation and for her needs.

When he gave her the six measures of barley, he was not only meeting her physical needs for food. He was also answering a burning question in her mind.

Not only did he desire to ask her to marry him, he was ready to be a kinsman-redeemer.  He would buy the land of her first husband, and care for Naomi as well.

A fellowship offering was three measures. By giving Ruth six, he demonstrated to Ruth and Naomi he would indeed step up to that role. He would care for Naomi as well as marry Ruth.

The role of kinsman-redeemer was often seen as both a responsibility and a privilege.  When a man found himself considering that role, he was also determining a woman’s future.

Jesus, in his sacrifice on the cross, has already fulfilled the role of kinsman-redeemer and beyond. We just need to embrace Christ.

Life Application

Have I decided to accept Christ’s sacrifice?

Am I living as someone redeemed and forgiven?

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