Promises of Psalm 91, Part I

“He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High, will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.”  Psalm 91:1

What is “dwelling in the shadow of the Most High”?

Does that translate into our staying in”safe” arenas: church, Christian venues, our homes; associating only with those of similar beliefs?

No, of course not.  (However doing just that would make life easier sometimes!)

We need to be wherever God is calling us.  We do not need to be afraid of anything, any place, or any person.  We can be in dangerous circumstances, yet, if God called us there, He will protect us.  Just be certain He is who put you there, and not yourself.

The second part of this verse promises that he who does that, will nest in God’s shadow.

Trying to visualize this scenario brought back a memory from my childhood.  When I was about eleven years old, my family had built a new home.  To dig the foundation for the house, my grandfather had piled a small mountain of dirt not far from the home site.  The next year we needed to start some major earth moving so we could start planting grass seed!

So on a hot Saturday in July, my parents decided all of us, including my sister, would begin raking the earth, pulling stones from it and start moving it around. I can remember the feel of the heavy shovel that moved the dark dry earth, a dust cloud springing forth with each deposit.

After a few hours, my mom went into the house, returning with Popsicles and water.  My dad instructed me and my sister to sit down in the yard and take a break.  We plopped right down there in our dirt pile, exhausted from effort.  With sweat rolling off him, my dad stood over us, taking the brunt of the sun’s blazing rays, browning his skin. Mom supplied us with refreshments and although the yard at that time had no trees or anything to shade us, my dad’s shadow protected us, providing a place of sweet rest.

A very simple example.

Yet, I think of how many times God has protected me in so many seemingly simple ways.

God calls each of us to work, to accomplish things for Him.  He also calls us to rest in Him.  At the end of the day, we do not need our minds racing into overdrive, speeding to locate an elusive answer.

We are called to do what He has assigned for that day, and then allow Him to bless us with a restful respite.


Do I conjure up a crazy list of things to accomplish so I can feel fulfilled?

How might my day look if I allowed God to write my list?

How much more peaceful might my nights be?

One thought on “Promises of Psalm 91, Part I”

  1. Love this sweet reminder to submit to God and have Him make our “to do” lists each day for us. As He has already prepared good works in advance for us to do.


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