Desperate for Distraction

“Fix your eyes upon Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith,” Hebrews 12:2a

I organized a Moms Bible Study this summer.  We meet at a park every week, and the children play while we focus on Scripture.

Or, we try to focus on Scripture.

The last day we met, we settled at our picnic table and began the opening prayer.

The dedicated city worker  who was diligently mowing the park, suddenly had the inspiration to mow around the pavilion, which covered our picnic table. (My voice is on the softer side and was no competition for the mower!)

After several false starts because of various interruptions, (children needing Mommy to mediate, bathroom breaks, and side-tracked conversations), we were finally ready to get started.

Just as I picked up my printed devotional, our blessed mower blazed back, intently mowing the lawn surrounding the nearby trees.

This scenario played out several more times.  Finally, all grew quieter, and someone asked me what we were supposed to be discussing today: Distractions.

Have you ever had a day when, no matter how you planned it, replanned it, and re- replanned it, you missed your devotion for the day?

And, when you finally got to it a few days later, you realized the originally scheduled reading date was the date you should have, needed to have read it.

Sometimes, Satan senses when we really need encouragement. He seizes every opportunity to distract us from God’s truth, God’s promises, God’s encouragement.

We can’t always eliminate distraction.  But we can remind ourselves to return to God whenever we have been side-tracked.

What about those moms at the park?  Eventually the mowing was completed and as one mom astutely pointed out, “We’ll just keep coming back to it until we’ve refocused.”


1) What distracts me?

2) How can I refocus my thoughts, my heart, and my day, on God?

Thanks for reading!  Please return by Monday,  July 15, for the next post.

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