Growing Guidance, Part II

Frequent Watering

“Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.” Psalm 119:105

Once you’ve established your plants in good soil, you must water them frequently to help them thrive.

If you water a plant with too little water, the roots are stretching, searching for more.  Best case scenario, these plants produce less, but can quickly die if the watering is too sporadically spaced.

If you flood your plants, they can’t possibly use it all. and you must still return days later to repeat the watering process.

The same concepts apply to our spiritual lives: if we pray, read Scripture, and study the Bible with indiscriminating infrequency, we are effectively hindering our spiritual growth and production.

If we ‘overwater’, commonly far less a problem, we risk becoming, in the words of Beth Moore, “so heavenly minded, we’re no earthly good.”

Balance is certainly the key!

During the periods of growth and productivity we need to water plants more frequently. When we experience a test or a trial, we need more frequent spiritual encouragement.  Just like a plant, growing to produce fruit, we need extra attention to our spiritual diet during times of stress.


1) How frequently do I ‘water my spirit’ by seeking out God and things of God?

2) What time could I utilize and make a habit of spiritual watering? (some ideas to get started: listen to Christian radio during the commute to and from work, time in the shower could be spent in prayer, or commit to praying with someone every evening;a spouse, a child, a friend or the phone or Skype, or Facetime.)

Thanks for reading! Please return by Wednesday, July 17, for the next post.

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