Growing Guidance, Part III

“Come to me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

Frequent Feedings

Great soil and proper watering provide a great foundation for a garden.  Fertilization helps plants thrive and produce more.

How do we “fertilize” our spiritual lives? Some examples include: reading a book on a newer subject or by a new author, attending Bible study, or even attending a weekend retreat. When I feel my growth has become stagnant, I like to discover a Bible study author who is new to me.  I tend to read the same authors all the time, so a new one can give me a new perspective.  I can’t always predict what is coming, and that keeps me growing.

 Also, retreats are great for getting out of the same routine, away from “good” distractions, like children, home repairs, or the long ‘to-do’ list.  Maybe it’s a nine mile Saturday hike out in nature or biking as hard and as far as you can on a stationary bike.

Maybe it doesn’t involve physical exertion at all. The point is to clear your mind and heart of all other distractions and tune “out” the world so you can tune God “in”.

Shake up your routine.  Just like changing your physical workout will stretch your muscles and build your endurance, changing your spiritual routine will help your growth continue.


1) Evaluate your spiritual “routine” for the past three months. Are you stuck in a rut?

2) Identify how you can change things up a bit.  Be bold!  Try something new!  Tell us what you discover!

Thanks for reading!  Please return by Thursday, July 18, for the next post.

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