And the Fruit of The Spirit is… Patience, Part I

“Love is patient,” I Corinthians 13:4

I asked my girls what might be a topic for my blog this week.  One suggested patience.  It’s been our busiest summer in quite a few years, and the first summer mom’s been busy writing during the day.  (I half-wondered if she were trying to point out something to me!)

But when I asked for examples, she ticked them off quickly and succinctly. (And none of them involved me!)  The first scenario she mentioned was how she and her sisters need to have a lot of patience with one another this summer.  They are together more hours straight than during the school year.  They each also had more responsibilities as mom worked.

They tried to remember to extend grace, repeatedly.

That reminded me of how much grace God has extended to me. I know I fail far more often than I want to recall.  Yet, He is always patiently waiting for my return to Him and His ways.

The verse above from I Corinthians is often quoted at weddings or celebrations of romantic love.  But, it most accurately describes the love of God.

While we humans often assign limits to our offers of patience and grace, God knows no limits. He promises to NEVER leave us nor forsake us. (Hebrews 13:5)  He is always there, eager to embrace us if we would just turn toward Him.


1)  How I defined or assumed a limit on God’s patience with me?

2) Pray, asking God to grant you the understanding, that unlike humans’, God’s patience and love are never-ending, never consumed.  We can’t place ourselves outside His love.

Thanks for reading!  Please return by Tuesday, July 23, for the next post.

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