Service With A Smile, Part I

“Serve one another in love.” Galatians 5:13

Recently, a few friends and I attended a conference.  We were there with our daughters to learn, encourage, and motivate. We were not part of the team planning the day, nor we were members of the church hosting the event.

At lunch, a friend from our group needed to go up to a specified area for food prepared specifically for those with certain food allergies. She was gone a long time.  I glanced a few times toward that area of the room.  She is so friendly, I bet she is talking with a new friend, I thought.

After a while, she returned.  Laughing, she explained what took her so long.  “I lifted the pizza box lid, and realized the gluten-free pizza wasn’t cut yet.  So I found a server and began cutting it.  Several other ladies arrived, and I began serving them the gluten-free pizza.”  She paused a moment, still laughing, continued, “I think they all assumed I was part of the serving committee!”

She was not, of course.  Yet, she happily and easily filled that role. She saw a need, and she stepped in and helped.

I have another friend who is constantly finding ways she can serve her community, and sharing them with our church, so we may also serve.  She often ends her email with, “Happy to serve.” And she truly is, happy to serve.

We never know when a simple act of small service just might be the encouragement someone else needs that day. Seemingly small, insignificant acts on our part can make a big impression. Don’t wait for the “big things” to offer an act of service to one another.

Christians are called to “be Jesus” to our community.  John 13:35 tells us: They will know we are Christians by our love.  By serving, we have the opportunity to introduce others to Christ. This is one introduction we definitely want to make!


Monday: How can I “be in tune” with my environment so I readily see opportunities for service?

Tuesday: Recall a time when someone served you.  How did you feel?

Wednesday: Identify how you can serve someone today.  (Think small! It needn’t be big to touch someone’s heart!) Implement.

Thursday: Reflect on how Jesus served you.   Read Matthew 27:1-2, 11-50.  Thank Him for His act of service to you.

Friday: Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father,  How great your act of service to me.  You love for all humanity is unsurpassed.  Your love for me is unsurpassed.  I want to show You to others.  Please show me small acts of service I can perform today, to introduce others to You.  Please help it to become a habit of mine to live in service to others.  Thank you, Lord, for you love, Amen.

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