The Truth

“Then you will know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free.” John 8:32

“Are you telling me the truth?” asked the judge with his eyes.

He had a choice to make.  His lawyer had already told him to plead ‘no contest’ and get the charges downgraded. Yet He knew the accusations were false.  He never touched the woman, let alone assaulted her.

John 8: 32 flashed in his mind.

Slowly, deliberately, he pronounced,”Not guilty.”

After a short deliberation, the judge made his decision: “Not guilty.  There was not really any evidence any way.”

He had told the truth, and he was indeed free. Had he not been believed, he was looking at prison and a nasty record. But, the truth had set him free!

How easily our thoughts can line up beside what is not true, and how quickly our actions follow, especially when we see others doing it or we receive bad advice.

And how often does the Holy Spirit who resides in a believer’s heart, speak out against maligned thoughts and actions? “Therefore, get rid of all moral filth and the evil that is so prevalent and humbly accept the word planted in you, which can serve you.” James 1:21

How should we apply James 1:21 to our lives?


1) Pray: Pray for discernment. Pray for an open heart and a willing spirit to humbly accept correction. Chose to ask God to reveal any habit or life choices that are unholy.

2) Identify: Honestly identify areas or choices which are not God glorifying.

3) Confess: Confess these areas to God.  Leave them there, at the feet of Jesus.  Ask Him to fill you and to take away the desire for that habit.

4) Replace: Replace that choice with a godly choice.  Sometimes it might be choosing water to drink instead of alcohol, other times there is no substitute except spending more time with God.  God’s truth in Scripture format is necessary to break the bonds Satan so seductively tied.

Such a simple formula, but it’s not easy to follow.  Never easy to keep the focus on Christ, forefront in our lives.

Yet, we are commanded just that.


Monday: Can I honestly, humbly, accept the word?  Am I looking for the revealing of the Holy Spirit in my life?

Tuesday: What prevalent things in our culture challenge me to choose between godly actions and otherwise?

Wednesday: Can I identify the Holy Spirit planted in me? Am I encouraging him to take root far beneath the surface, one day to blossom big and bright?

Thursday: Identify how the Holy Spirit has led me in the past.

Friday: Prayer: Lord, there are times when it is so difficult to let go of things which are not glorifying to You.  And yet, that bondage is exactly what inhibits spiritual growth.  Please loosen those ties and break that bondage.  Please help each of us to choose life in You.  Thank You for the gift of Your Holy Spirit to lead and guide us as we navigate life. Amen.

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