I Knew I Knew

Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he will lift you up.” James 4:10


Stormily, I stared out the window as trees, fields, and flowers flashed by. My husband sat beside me, in screaming silence, occasionally revving the engine as he switched gears.

Speak to him. Reach out your hand,”  the words burned in my mind.

No! I rebelled. I know I’m right!

So, two stubborn souls sat inches from another, arrogance isolating each in intoxicating righteousness.

When we neared our destination, a nice restaurant for a special celebration dinner, I finally reached out and covered his hand with mine.

He offered me a small smile but refused to break the silence. Quietly, we entered the restaurant, not appearing as a happily married couple, but as nervous strangers on a first date. Honestly, I felt a bit smug that I had reached out to him first.

God knows the heart.

Following the maitre’d, we took two steps toward our table, when BAM! I was suddenly sitting on the hardwood floor, trying to avoid the wait staff who was busily crossing that particular place to access the kitchen.

Now completely humiliated (and humbled,) I accepted my husband’s hand up, and then discovered something was still slick on the sole of my shoe, (I would later learn that my beauty treatment of baby oil was the culprit.) With all the dignity I could muster, I assumed my rightful place, clinging to my husband’s arm all the way to the table.

In Acts 9, Saul knew he knew. He knew God and knew those followers of  “The Way” were wrong about that Jesus.

God knew Saul’s heart.  He knew Saul was handpicked to write Scripture. Saul just first needed to be set straight.

God is gracious. He can right and humble His children even while we are muttering murderous threats stomping down a street. Even when we are so spiritually or emotionally blinded He must physically blind us to get our attention.

Because when we are truly humbled, then we can completely submit to Him and His plans- whether those plans involve missionary trips or acting Christ-like towards a spouse!

And, it’s when we are humbled that God will lift us up, closer to Him. He won’t leave us to grovel in the pit we have plunged ourselves; instead He will demolish the carefully constructed barriers of our own arrogance.

Just like Saul, I learned that night sitting on the floor of a posh restaurant, I must be humbled, everyday, so I can learn what I don’t know. So that I can glorify God with my words and my actions, and that He might lift me up, closer to Him.



Monday: Read the account of Acts 9: 1-2. Saul knew he knew. When have you known you know? What happens when you’re wrong?

Tuesday: Read Acts 9:3-5.  What do you think was going through Saul’s mind when he realized just who this Jesus was? What do you think about Jesus?

Wednesday: Read Acts 9:8 Do you find it ironic that the man who was so spiritually and emotionally blinded as to the identity of Jesus was then physically blinded, at least temporarily? It makes for a humorous story until we can easily see ourselves in his place!

Thursday: Identify how James 4:10 can be personally applied.

Friday: Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, How gracious are You that You never give up on Your children, even when we are so lost and confused we have no idea who You are.  Please do whatever You must to get me on the correct path, and for me to see with clarity, just who You are. Amen.

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