Totally Trustworthy!

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” Hebrews 13:8


She eased into the school desk, wiping her auburn hair from face. Whew!  She’d slid into her seat just seconds before the bell sounded.  Arranging her text-book and notebook on her desk, she glanced forward as she took her pencil in hand.

Her pink glossed lips parted in surprise as she realized Mr. J, the math teacher was missing.  Suddenly the creaking of the classroom door commanded her attention. It was slowly sliding open, and what was this? Mr.  J was slithering across the floor, face beet red with exertion, chest heaving as he huffed and puffed, attempting to cross toward his desk.

She watched with growing confusion and then alarm, as the color from his face traveled to that small bald spot directly on top of his head. She quickly glanced around as he made his way behind the podium.  Other students had noticed his entrance and the noise level had abruptly decreased to almost utter silence. Hmmm, I’m not seeing things, she thought to herself.

Mr. J was apparently not finished. He suddenly leapt from behind the podium, and struck a stance, feet apart, knees bent, and arms thrust out in front of him. “You didn’t see me, huh?  That’s because I’m a ninja!”

She glanced around the room once more, noting a few giggles, and many shocked looks on her peers’ faces.

“Okay, open up your texts to page 47,” he said, resuming a much appreciated sense of normalcy.

Later, as she recounted the episode to family and friends, she still could not decipher what exactly had possessed the teacher to make such an entrance. The look on her face and in her eyes conveyed the confusion, and wariness with which she now approached that classroom.

It shakes us when things don’t go according to plan.  It shakes us harder when people don’t live up to our expectations.  And it really rocks us when someone does something so unpredictable that we wonder if maybe they are on the cusp of a nervous breakdown!

We are promised in Hebrews 13:8 that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.  He came to reunite each of us with God.  Our sins don’t change His game plan.  He still offers us forgiveness, no matter what.

He won’t refuse us entry into heaven because we made some awful decision at one point or another. He will not refuse us acknowledgement because we didn’t live a perfect life.

Whatever we do, we can expect what His reaction will be: How far is the East from the West? That is how far our sins have been removed.  Not just the “little” sins, all sins.

So even when we are clearly not thinking, we know what His answer will be when we ask with a sincere heart for His forgiveness: Yes, He will forgive.

What a joy that someone in this crazy world can be totally trusted!  Trusted with what happened yesterday, trusted with today’s events and feelings, and trusted with our futures.

Thank you Lord for such amazing grace!

Here is a song by Phil Wickham, to encourage us all throughout the week! Christ’s love is amazing and unfailing and He offered the ultimate sacrifice. How’s that for totally trustworthy?





Monday: Reflect on a situation which completely confused you, mainly because it was so radically unexpected. How did you respond?

Tuesday: When you reflect on people you know and have known, how many have proven totally trustworthy?  I certainly hope you each have a few in your lives!

Wednesday: So far, what have your experiences with Jesus been? Has He proven totally trustworthy?  Do you really know Him?  It’s difficult to remember, but is absolutely true, that just because you have decided to do life with Jesus, it does not mean you will have any easy life, free of pain.  Recall the promise in Romans 8:28, He will use all things for the good of those who love Him.

Thursday: Read Hebrews 13:8.  List what you know about Christ.  Search for Scriptures which pronounce  that list as truth. Edit your list over time as you learn more about Him through life experience and reading Scripture.

Friday: Dear Heavenly Father, How You authored this life, with all its twist and turns nad still manage happy endings is beyond me.  Thank you for Your love, Your grace, and Your hope that through Your great sacrifice I can openly and repeatedly come to You.  For You are faithful, and totally trustworthy. Amen.


Thank you for reading! Please return by Monday, September 29 for the next post.



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