Lifting Leidy

 and a little child will lead them.” Isaiah 11:6b

Six-year-old Colette sat coloring at the kitchen table.  She loved the feel of the markers in her hands.  She loved the broad stripes of color she created with each stroke.  And, she loved these oversized coloring sheets featuring her favorite character: Hello Kitty. As she decided on her next color, she glanced across the table to watch mom open the mail.

“Who’s that?” she asked, dropping the marker and climbing down from her chair to satisfy her curiosity. She stood next to mom, her arm affectionately wrapped around her mother’s neck.

“This is Leidy.  She lives in a country called Columbia.  She’s your age.” explained her mom while reading the enclosed correspondence.

Colette’s eyes widened as she took in the small frame, and dark, lonely eyes of the girl in the photo.  “She’s six like me?” she questioned.

“Yes. But her world’s very different from yours,” explained her mother. “She’s in this program to help her have access to nutritious food when she’s hungry, and she a doctor when she’s sick.  She also gets to go to school to learn to read and write, and how to take care of herself.  And, she also gets to learn about Jesus there.”

“Does she get to color Hello Kitty?” Colette asked, glancing back at her markers and picture.

Her mom answered slowly, thoughtfully, “I don’t know.  But I would imagine she has never seen Hello Kitty.” Her mom explained the few other details of Leidy’s life that she knew.  She also shared how their family sponsored Leidy, prayed for Leidy and her family, and trusted God would work a miracle in Leidy’s life.

Colette asked is she might have one of the bookmarks  with Leidy’s updated picture on it. “To put on my nightstand, so I can remember to pray for her every night.”

A few nights later, mom returned from an evening meeting.  Colette’s older sister, Katelyn, had needed to put Colette to bed.

“Mom,” said Katelyn, “Colette was adamant tonight about praying when I tucked her in.”

“Oh, we almost always pray with her at bedtime,” commented her mother, beginning to tidy the kitchen.

“No, I mean for the little girl on the bookmark, Leidy. She prayed for food and safety for her and her family, and,” she paused a moment, “she prayed that her family would come to know Hello Kitty and Jesus.” Both Katelyn and her mom shared a smile.

“Hello Kitty and Jesus hardly rank together…” began her mother.

“Agreed,” said Katelyn, “but Colette’s serious about praying for Leidy.  She said you told her God could use our prayers for Leidy to change her life.” She smiled, “Colette wants to help.”

They each knew God had used Colette to remind them each of things of greater importance than deadlines, meetings and homework.  God was reminding them, that sometimes, it takes a little child to lead them closer to the heart of God.



When have I discounted a child’s opinion or viewpoint simply because he’s young?

How can I adjust my schedule, so when those “teachable moments” occur, I have the time to allow a child to teach me?

Prayer: Thank You Lord, for all the precious children in my life.  Please unrush my days, my hours, my moments, so I can listen to the wisdom You tuck in the hearts of children, and draw closer to You.  Amen.

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2 thoughts on “Lifting Leidy”

  1. What a beautiful message. I could not agree more. A child’s mind is so pure and sincere. There is so much we can learn and be reminded of throughout our interactions with precious children.

  2. Hannah, Thank you! Children truly are such a blessing. I keep finding myself trying to stop the schedule so I can see the world through a child’s eyes. When I’m so rushed, I miss the beauty God created, in creation, and in each moment.
    Have a blessed weekend! Stefanie

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