Wanting Wisdom, Part II

“There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves punishment, and the one who fears is not perfected in love. We love, because He first loved us. “ I John 4:18-19

Staring at my planner, the book I live out of, I dipped my head and breathed a prayer, “Lord, please show me how to fit in everything You have called me to.”

The list was long and my patience nonexistent.

I began questioning what I thought had been a calling, and then questioning what I knew had been another calling. My problem: I was trying to make too much happen at once. Everyday I asked the Lord to show me when I was to accomplish these different callings. I truly believed He would show me when and where to perform each item and to succeed in that area.

As I pondered and prayed I focused on the action words in my prayer: perform and succeed.

Was an unconscious search for significance culminating in a desire to perform, even in ministry, to become “successful?”

I didn’t want to entertain that thought, which I have learned probably means I should.

I prayed yet again, this time changing the prayer, “Lord, please show me whatever You have for me today, and if You are calling me to ‘just’ be a wife and mother today, please help me to be the very best wife and mother my family needs. Lord, whatever I do I want to do it to Your glory, and be successful for You.”

“You are my daughter first.” The words were imprinted on my mind.

God doesn’t call any one of us to accomplish great things so He can love us more, just as a loving parent doesn’t push her child into any opportunity so she can have bragging rights. God loves us for who we are in Him.  He loves us because He created us.  His love does not hinge on our actions, thoughts, or even attitude. It does not strengthen with our success. It does not increase with our perceived importance. His love doesn’t diminish with each mistake or misstep.

The only thing that should be written in my daily planner is to simply love and glorify God. Some days, I might have an opportunity to accomplish that with a spoken word.  Some days, it might be accomplished through a published word.  And some days, it might simply be through an off-key song sung in the privacy of my own home. The point is- there is an audience of one, and only one.  And He does not demand an award winning performance.

He wants me to be the person He created, with time to spend with Him and words left at the end of the day to praise Him, and pray to Him. He doesn’t just want my hurried incomplete thoughts as I’m rushing from checked off item to the next on the list.

I’m His daughter first.  That simple thought put everything back into perspective. Now if I can keep that front and center, I should know true success.


How do you feel when you consider God only wants you to live as His child?

Are you searching for significance in the space on earth?

Define who you are. Begin with, I am God’s child.  How does that change your perspective?

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for loving me without any strings attached.  Your word says you chose me and you love me.  You love me not for anything I do or say, but just because you chose me.  All I ever need to be is your child.  In a world that demands performance and perfection, please remind me of your great love, and from where it comes. Amen.

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