“The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” I Samuel 16: 7b NIV

He walked into church, a trained smile upon his lips; one that never seemed to reach his eyes. No one wants to truly know what I think, he thought to himself.  People, even “good” people in church, truly prefer the mask.

Sometimes people endure struggles they think they must keep to themselves. Maybe they have confided before, and had that confidence shattered. Maybe they have bought into the lie that their unique struggle is truly theirs alone.  That no one would understand.

That no one wants to understand.

When our hearts or spirits are in a pile of shattered pieces, what should we do? Should we embrace the mask?

As we witness others in painful circumstances should we encourage, or at least allow them, to find anonymity behind the mask?

Whatever secret struggle you might be fighting today, and however firmly your mask is fastened, there is One who always sees behind the mask.  As our key verse for today reminds us, He not only sees behind the mask, but also sees directly into the heart.

And, He loves unconditionally.

Even the heart that has been reduced to a pile of jagged, painful pieces.

He sees.

He still loves.

And, He wants to help.

Will you allow yourself to be honest with Him?


How can I become more transparent, to dispel the wrong perception that I have it all together?

How can I become more approachable, and sensitive to help others who are hiding behind a mask?


 Thank You God that You are indeed the God who sees me, who knows me, and still loves me unconditionally.  Please help me to be honest with You and with myself about my struggles in this life. Thank You for always loving me, Amen.

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