“Lord, even before I speak a word, you know all about it.” Psalm 139:4 NIRV


I read the words on the screen before me.  They cut very deeply. I knew the judgment was not accurate but that didn’t quell the pain rising inside me. Anger flowed through my veins. But I knew my immediate response was one I could not send.

Words.  Some are simple. Some are complicated.  And the definition between those simple and complicated varies by individual.

Psalm 139:4 assures me that before I speak, God knows the words on my tongue. I believe it also assures me that God also knew about the words I held in check. He probably applauded that ungodly response did not escape through my lips (or my fingers.)

He knows what words were residing there, and knows how I define them.  He understands why I assign the meaning I do.  What ways I have heard the word used in the past, what experiences I have had which formed my definition, and ways I have heard those I regard in high esteem favor certain words.  He understands all the things, which play into my word choices.

He knows what words can heal my hurts and which words inflict wounds penetrating deep within my heart.

And, as He promises in Romans 8:28, He knows how He will use each and every situation, every word, to bring about good.


I spent the next day in prayer, asking for the ability to truly forgive and let the anger go.  Then, I asked for the grace to allow all the feeling I had experienced to flow into words and phrases which were not intended to hurt, but to accurately describe my feelings about the interaction and the other person.

Before I was through with my prayers and reflections, another message flashed upon my screen. “I’m sorry, I was wrong.”

Relief flooded through me but I knew that conversation must still be had. And I knew I needed to choose my words carefully.

All those words in our language.  All those tones.  All those meanings.  Yet, He keeps track of not only Webster’s definitions, but yours and mine as well.

He knows which words I can use to express myself, that will touch someone else’s heart. He knows just how to use an unorthodox phrasing to stir someone’s soul.

What an awesome God we serve!


What are some frequent phrases and words I use?  Do I literally mean what I say?

How have someone’s careless words affected me?

How might careless words escaping from my lips have affected someone else?

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, My choice of language has an opportunity to either build someone up or to tear someone down.  No matter the hurts I have experiences by someone else’s words, guide me to use words wisely and honestly.  Thank you for always understanding what I mean, and cheering me on when I chose wisely.  Amen.


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