Lessons From Tipper, Part I: Choosing To Follow

How a nine-week-old puppy demonstrates how we are to follow God.

IMG_1475“Choose this day who you will serve.” Joshua 24:15 NIV

What can you learn from a nine-week-old puppy? If you are like me, a lot!

My family and I recently added a new family member: a Rottweiler puppy named Tipper.

One of the first things we noticed upon bringing Tipper home was how diligently she would follow family members everywhere.

Walk in the backyard, she’s bound to follow.  Try to prepare dinner in the kitchen; she’s circling the island with me.  When my husband heads into his home office, she is at his heels. When we are playing ball outside and it is time to go in, she comes when I call, even though she’s having so much fun. Even when the poor pooch is tired, she’ll slowly drag herself along if we call her.

Her first family trained her to always stay right with them, to always follow them.

I have come to realize I should be more like Tipper.

Do I follow God as closely as Tipper follows my family and me? Do I immediately change my course when He tells me it’s time to go “in?” Do I follow Him even when I’d prefer to curl up and ponder other things? Do I selflessly love Him, through thick and thin, as Tipper loves us unconditionally?

We are commanded in Joshua 24:15 to ‘choose this day whom you will serve.”

Tipper has obviously chosen to follow our family, wherever we may lead her.

Have we determined to follow God, no matter what? Even if it’s a direction we would not have chosen? Or not in the timing we would have selected? Even when we’re exhausted and just feel we can’t go on, do we drag ourselves to where He’s calling?

Can we trust that that He loves us and He will care for us always in all ways?

Thank you Tipper, for such a strong example of obedience!


Who am I serving today?  Is it who I want to serve when I stop and consider it?

Prayer: Dear God, thank You that You are indeed always there, ready to lead and guide me.  Please help me to see the error in trying to do things my way. Please help me remember to search for Your guiding hand to help me through this journey of life. Amen.


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2 thoughts on “Lessons From Tipper, Part I: Choosing To Follow”

  1. Congrats on the pup! I’m sure you have some young ladies in your home that are very happy!

    I have often thought of our pup and his desire to be with us. It doesn’t matter if we’re in the car going to the bank or working in the yard, he just wants to be with us. He trusts us even though he has no clue where we’re taking him. I have compared to this to my faith many times.

    1. We do have some very excited girls! They have been asking for a long time!
      I’m so glad you have experienced the loyalty of a dog too.
      I am amazed at how God can speak to us through His creatures.
      Thanks for commenting?

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