Lessons From Tipper, Part II

“Because he loves me,” says the Lord, “I will rescue him and protect him, for he acknowledges my name.” Psalm 91:14 NIV


Bright sunshine highlighting brilliant blue skies. Birds singing a jubilant chorus. The fresh scent of dew hanging in the air. At nine in the morning, tranquility was mine to be had in the neighborhood. Perfect for weeding and planting my flowerbeds.

Removing a volunteer bush I drug it down to the curb.  I saw the city truck approaching.  Good!  I had all my weeds and large dead bushes to the curb in time.  I returned to my mulch and listened to the silence from the backyard.  Our little Rottweiler puppy must be snoozing.  I smiled as I envisioned where she would be: directly under my husband’s chair.

A voice captured my attention.  The city worker had come into the yard to talk to me about my bushes.  Apparently I needn’t cut them into small pieces. Yay! Now I knew less work was needed in the future.

As he stood in my yard his glance fell down the hill where I turned and saw our little Tipper come running.  According to my husband, she had been fast asleep but when she heard an unfamiliar voice in the side yard, she roused herself quickly and came running, planting herself directly between that unknown man and her human mama.

After I reassured Tipper he was okay, she allowed him to pat her and was as sweet as could be.

But until I spoke to her, she had been on her guard.

Tipper is a Rottweiler.  That breed is known for aggressiveness and for guarding.  In the two weeks she has lived with us, she has proven herself protective over our three girls, and over my husband and me.  I was simply amazed she would rouse herself from sleep just to check on me, the person who has probably worked with her the least.

Yet she identifies me as part of her clan. (And I feed her!)

She would not allow anything to happen to me.

Our heavenly Father is even more protective of His children. He loves us, and promises to protect us. He watches where we go and what we do, and even what others are doing to us.

Even when we think no one else sees.

And when some big obstacle comes into our path?  He promises to rescue us. Even when we are in a scary situation, before there is a chance to say, “O Lord, help me!”

He is already there.

He has already placed Himself between that big scary situation and us.

We may not immediately see Him, or sense Him, but He is there.

Verse fifteen of that same Psalm reads, “He will call on me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him.”

God will never leave us nor forsake us. He is always there in celebration and in times of trouble.  When we call on him, and not let fear take hold, He will answer. He will deliver us.

That deliverance may not look as you or I might have authored, but He does promise to deliver and deliver He will.

He is our Great Protector!


When facing something unknown and even frightening, do I look for God in the situation?

What promises do Psalm 91:14-15 contain? How can I claim them for my life?

Thank you for reading! Please return by Monday, June 8 for the next post.

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