Getting It Straight, Part I

“I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in his holy people.” Ephesians 1:18 NIV


With face red, arms swinging, and lips muttering murderous threats, Saul stamped his way down that road to Damascus.

He was a privileged Jew. He had studied under the best. He had read rolls of Scripture himself.

He knew.

And boy was he gonna set things straight! A formidable foe, he had education, politics, and power on his side. How dare those members of ‘The Way’ promote that Jesus!

Except that those members were right.

He was wrong.

Oh, Saul was struck down all right. Nothing like being put in your place by the One who knows everything – not only Truth, but also innermost thoughts and passions. He was struck down by the One who knew his heart.

A heart that was not lukewarm. A heart that was passionate about his perception of the Truth. A heart passionate to protect the name of his God. A heart filled with righteous indignation reflected in the beet-red face as he stomped down the street.

A heart that was totally transformed when Jesus blinded him for three days.  So that his soul could truly see.

Once blinded, Saul’s heart and soul demanded the truth.

The Lord’s instructions for Saul getting it straight? Wait at Straight Street.

Sometimes we need God to manually turn us 180 degrees. Saul shamelessly needed it, and he never once regretted his holy U-turn.

He did as he was told- waiting in the home at Straight Street so he might be set straight. Blinded eyes that once searched out people to persecute, now waiting to see; to truly see the very truth for his heart and his soul.

Sometimes, we need to wait. Not fun, when we want answers NOW! But God’s timing is perfect.

Saul’s education was not the problem. Saul’s passion was not the problem. Saul’s direction was the problem. But God knew once He turn Saul around 180 degrees, Saul would serve Him with that great passion.  He knew Saul-turned-Paul would be perfect for the job.


What has God utilized to set you straight?

Are you whole-heartedly searching for Him, merely waiting to ‘bump’ into Him, or for Him to blind you?

Have you traveled the wrong way so long, you buy into the belief that God could never possibly use you? Saul, in his own words, was “among the worst of sinners.” God certainly used him.  What might He have in store for you?

Prayer: Dear Lord, You promise to reveal Yourself to us when we seek You with all the heart. Please reveal Yourself and Your plan for my life today. Please help me to always love You and desire to serve You all my life, Amen.

Thanks for reading! Please return by Monday, September 6 for the next post.


2 thoughts on “Getting It Straight, Part I”

  1. God’s word never comes back void. It’s His timing because He knows what’s best for us. Blessings, Emma

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