No “Justs”

“Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” Jeremiah 1:5 NIV


Outside my door, a cacophony of voices arose from the first floor of the hotel atrium. Seven hundred women excitedly conversed, practiced speeches, pitched proposals, and met one another. Encouragement rang out amidst the conversations. This was a godly Writer’s conference.

Upstairs, clad in heels and a suit, I sank onto my hotel bed. In just a few minutes I would walk downstairs and have the chance of a lifetime: I would pitch my book to a publisher. My five-year-in-the-making, 85,000 word novel. My heart and soul poured out among the words and phrases. My long-term hopes and dreams hinged on the outcome of this weekend.

Before I descended those stairs, I needed to pray.

Closing my eyes, I opened my hands before me, giving God all.

Lord, You know the dream in my heart. But Lord, I want to serve and honor You. I only want to walk down the path You have prepared for me. If I’m on the wrong path, please guide my steps back to where I belong. If I am to continue, please guard my dream and show me how to accomplish it.

Thank You, that at the end of today, as well as at the end of my life, all the matters is that I did what You called me to do.”

Swallowing hard, I murmured the next words, “If I’m not called to write, if You are calling me to just serve You as a wife and a mother, I will be content. Thank you that no matter if I one day write batches of best-selling novels or never write another word, You could not love me more. I thank You that there is no hierarchy in service to You. Regardless the path You place me on, I am still Your dearly loved daughter, thank You!”

Brushing away a tear, I stood, peace flooding my being. I then confidently walked into an interview that would clearly define my writing dreams. I did not sell a book that day. I came home from that conference with something better: a sincere certainty that in God’s eyes, I can never be any more loved than I am today.

I don’t know what your hopes and dreams are. But one thing I pray you do know: no matter what you do or do not accomplish today, tomorrow, or this decade; God could not love you more than He does today. His love is unconditional. You do not need to earn your way into heaven; He’s already issued a personal, handwritten invitation.

You don’t need to ‘prove’ anything to Him.

You don’t need to demonstrate you are worthy of any credentials following your name.

He knew you before He created you. He knew your gifts, your hopes, and your dreams, because He gave them to you. He knew your weaknesses, which temptations would catch your eye, and how your heart would struggle. He knew it all.

He knows it all.

And, He still calls you His child.

There are no “justs” in our service to God. You are not ‘just’ a teacher, a construction worker, a student, or a trash collector. Whatever He has given you to do has great value to Him, because if you do it with all your heart, you are glorifying Him.

The knowledge that I served God today in even the little things warms my heart. But there’s even more- He rewards obedience. And the best reward ever is a closer relationship with Him.


Do I ever feel I’m “just”? Can I see my service to Him in the tasks He has given me for today? Read Romans 8:5

What dreams do I have that presently feel disconnected from my given tasks of today? Read Jeremiah 29:11

If I never achieve those dreams, do I realize that I could never be loved more than I am today? Read Romans 8:34-38

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, Thank You for loving me so much, that You sent Your son to build that bridge that carries me back to You. I do not need to achieve any goal or prove any thing. I simply need to accept Your invitation. Thank You! Amen.

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