Faithfully Facing Uncertainty, Part I

“He will command his angels concerning you, to guard you in all your ways.” Psalm 91:11 NIV, emphasis mine.

Read Daniel 1 and 6.

He was the guy who did everything right. You know, that guy. The one hated by seemingly everyone else for being so perfect. The one everyone else was jealous of but loathed to admit.

Daniel was trustworthy, never corrupt, and never negligent.

Oh, how his enemies longed to rid themselves of him! They watched him. They studied him. They astutely identified there was one thing Daniel didn’t, wouldn’t compromise: his devotion to his God.

Satisfied, his enemies schemed to spring the perfect trap, sure to obliterate Daniel once and for all. They counted on perfect Daniel’s perfect devotion.

Making certain the king could not rescue Daniel, they silently sneered as the royal signet rings sealed Daniel’s fate. Imagine their evening celebratory plans!

What was Daniel’s evening like? He had much time to recall his life. Hauled away from his homeland as a slave. Brought to a foreign country with a new language to learn and laws which dishonored his God. In doing right, he had incurred the wrath of some very powerful political enemies. Now he found himself sealed in a dark den surrounded by lunging lions. Every moment must have felt like eternity.

Was that a whisker brushing my leg?

Will this moment be my last?

In the dark unable to see but, able to hear, and certainly able to fear.

This is where obedience carried him.

But the story doesn’t end here.

At the end of the terrifying night, a new day dawned. For Daniel, a renewed confirmation that God’s way is the only way.

For King Darius, the dawning of just how drastically wrong he had been in demanding his own god-like status. What tangible evidence that Daniel’s God had succeeded where he had failed!

The King deemed a new decree for the nation, and for himself: Daniel’s God was indeed the living God, “He rescues and He saves.”

Even through fear, Daniel did what he knew was proper and right, what God commanded of him. Daniel was ready to accept man’s consequences for his righteous living – but instead experienced a miracle that not only saved his life, but moved a king and a nation closer to God.


Do I possess any of Daniel’s characteristics? Am I trustworthy, never corrupt, and never negligent?

When others exclude me and point out how I am different, do I confidently persevere with my choice?

Have you ever been in a figurative or literal dark place, unable to see but able to hear, and certainly able to fear? How did you handle it?

Prayer: Dear God, You knew how lonely and afraid Daniel could have been. You saw his circumstances and You met his need. You see me today. You see potential circumstances where loneliness and fear might creep in. You want to provide for any needs that arise. Remind me that is Your desire, and move my fears out of the way. Thank You for Your endless love! Amen

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