Faithfully Facing Uncertainty, Part II

“She gave this name to the Lord who spoke to her: ‘You are the God who sees me,’ she said, ‘I have seen the One who sees me.’” Genesis 16:13 NIV





Out of fear, she fled to the desert. She carried a barren soul to a barren landscape.

As a servant, she worked long hours to do her mistress’s bidding. She was even pregnant with the master’s child. A child she would need to surrender at birth.

But not now. In the first decision she got to make in just about forever, she had fled.

Physically and emotionally exhausted, she slumped by the spring, every last ounce of her spent.

Suddenly, she was conversing with an angel. One who knew her name. He knew her plight and her actions, but asked anyway. Too tired to comprehend how amazing the scenario, she simple answered his questions.

Then the angel gave her instruction and the promise of great blessing through her unborn son.

He reassured her that God had heard her misery. He noticed. He cared.

He had even named her son. Ishmael. It’s meaning penetrating her heart: God hears.

Heart exploding inside her, she responded by naming this great God. “You are the God who sees me.”

As a servant, she was to stay unnoticed, never calling attention to herself. When she was acknowledged, it was not for who she was, but rather for what she could do for the mistress.

She probably had no one to listen to her heart. She probably had many tumultuous emotions stacked up inside her, threatening to spill forth behind that obedient smile.

Yet, God knew.

And, He cared.

Cared enough to intervene. Cared enough to save her. Cared enough to even bless her.

To the girl who felt invisible, replaceable, and negligible – here was a spiritual awakening. She suddenly saw God as personable and approachable. Not just a bunch of do’s and don’t’s. No measuring by deeds, but by the weighing of her heart. And her heart burst with joy when just moments before it was shattered by the spring in the desert.

That knowledge that God saw her gave Hagar hope. Enough hope to return to a desperate situation because her God asked. Hope and assurance that she would indeed be blessed for her obedience.

And the knowledge that in the heart of God, this servant mattered.


Do you know He sees you? Do you know He truly cares about whatever plight you are facing?

Do you see the example, that even when choices are made for you, (Hagar was instructed to bear Abram’s child) God sees, and cares, and blesses obedience to Him?


Thank You Father, that indeed, You are the God who sees me. You see past the plastic smiles and the all-together façade. You see into hearts. You see into souls. And, You call to each and every one, no matter what You find within. Thank You, Amen.

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