Faithfully Facing Uncertainty, Part III

“There is no one holy like the Lord, there is no one beside you, there is no rock like our God.” I Samuel 2:2 (NIV)

She felt deeply ashamed for something that wasn’t her fault. She hadn’t done anything wrong. In fact, she’d done most everything right. But, her righteousness wasn’t witnessed or rewarded. Yet.

Layering a thick helping of demoralizing provocation on top of her shame, you now have a picture of Hannah in I Samuel 1.

For someone whose name means ‘favor’ or ‘grace’, she definitely felt under-blessed.

The longing of a blessing unfulfilled, the suffering of a “mean girl” living her dream, and the hopelessness of no change was just too much.

Hannah experienced a “bitterness of soul.” Maybe today we would term it hopelessness, despair, or even depression. She just didn’t know how to get past this day, this hour, this moment.

So what did she do?

“She poured out her soul to the Lord.” (I Samuel 1:15)

She didn’t call her girlfriends to bash the “mean girl.” She didn’t curl up with a gallon of ice cream and settle in for a sugared pity party. She didn’t even give her husband the silent treatment because he could not comprehend her agony.

No, she carried her weary, broken heart to the Lord and poured out her soul.

In her uncertainty of how to face tomorrow, she ran to her Creator.

Creator of today.

Creator of tomorrow.

Creator of joy.

Creator of her very being.

Because there is no one holy like the Lord.

Because he is the Lord who knows.

God knew.

God heard her sobs.

God saw her tears.

God knew her despair.

And He appreciated her faith.

He was moved to move.

When you are feeling ashamed for circumstances beyond your control and provoked by a ‘mean girl’ who seems to attain the goal so easily, carry your broken heart and pour out your weary soul to Him.

You will once again “delight in your deliverance.” Because God promises He hears, He sees, and He knows. And, He’s still at work, weaving together all things for the good of His children, even today.


What circumstances beyond my control scare me?

How do I deal with disappointment?

How will I deal with disappointment in the future?

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, Thank You that You see, You hear, and You know. Thank You that even today, You still act. Please prompt me to persevere, even when I don’t want to continue. Thank You that You care more than I’ll ever comprehend. Amen.

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