Habit of Thanksgiving

“Thanks be to God for His inexpressible gift.” II Corinthians 9:15


“What is a Thanksgiving Box?” our youngest daughter asked our oldest.

“It was a decorated shoe box we would fill with strips of paper outlining what we are thankful for. We’d fill it all year long and then open it on Thanksgiving Day.” Our seventeen-year-old recounted with a nostalgic smile on her lips.

“Why don’t we do that today?” her younger sister asked.

The long answer to that question involves a move, a new baby, and a cancer diagnosis all within one year.

The short answer: We got out of the habit.

As I overheard the above conversation I smiled, also taking a walk down memory lane. I joyfully recalled some of those Thanksgiving readings. The answer to the question “What are you thankful for,” went something like this:

A job,

My (stuffed) dog Beethoven,

My friends,

My family,

Hot dogs,


Living in the US,

My bicycle,

The (swimming) pool,

Jesus dying on the cross.

As I reflect on those memories, I agree it’s a shame we don’t have a “Thanksgiving Box” anymore.

Not only was that time we set aside to answer the question imperative to keep us focused on our blessings, the memories of reading the responses proved to be a priceless treasure to each family member.

Thankfully, we can certainly resurrect an old habit. I know just the shoebox we can use…



How can I practice thankfulness?

How regularly do I thank God for His gifts to me?


Prayer: Dear God, Thank You for the innumerable blessings You’ve gifted to me. Thank you for the things I’m so accustomed to having that I take them for granted and forget how blessed I am. Above all, I thank You for Your great love for me personally, that Jesus surrendered His life so I might choose to be reunited with You. Amen.


Action: Please share how you maintain a thankful attitude!


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