Wise Men, Part II

“On coming to the house, they saw the child with his mother Mary, and they bowed down and worshipped him.” Matthew 2:11a, NIV


After endless months of treacherous travel, we came to a humble home where the star had stopped. With great reverence, we also stopped.

Dusting our clothes and wiping our hands we unpacked the gifts we had carried to the king. Walking slowly towards the home, we prepared our hearts and minds to meet our king.

Silently, almost as if each of us were solemnly capturing this moment in his heart, we proceeded into the home.

His mother, a young woman with a sincere smile, permitted us entrance to meet this baby-king.

We each knelt to honor the king and we praised Him. Such a moment is hard to describe. We just knew this small child was indeed a King. The time we were in His presence felt much too short, yet there was a piece of the soul that was satisfied.

To honor him, a King with His own star, we brought rich gifts. But we knew they represented mere tokens of what He deserved.

We opened our treasures and gifted Him, as only we knew how. What joy we experienced in giving Him what we had carried so far to deliver. We knew we had done exactly as we were destined as we watched His mother graciously accept the treasures into her house.

Our quest fulfilled, we turned to leave. We were returning home, to the life we knew before. But not one of us was ever the same after meeting the King.




How do I approach Jesus?

According to Matthew 2 the magi did three things:

They saw Jesus for who He was.

They bowed down and worshipped Him.

They opened their treasures.

Let’s tackle the first two this week:

Do I see Jesus for who He is? (To learn who Scripture says He is, please turn to John 14:6-7 to get started.)

Do I bow down (acknowledging His pre-eminence in my life) and worship Him?

How do I worship Him?


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