Mary’s Treasures, Part IV

“But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.” Luke 2:19, NIV


“But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.” Luke 2:19, NIV

Finally the long journey finally over. Dusting her robes, her head covering, and all other belongings, Mary settled into her straw bed for the night.

But the dust of supposed shame could not be so easily brushed off.

To honor the governments decrees, she had made the arduous trip.

Now unsure which exhausted her more, the birth of a beautiful baby boy, or the condescending stares and the “knowing” looks Joseph’s family had shot at her before they refused the denounced couple a place to stay.

“Lord, why is this so difficult?” her heart cried as she sank into the soft straw, grateful for the shelter for the night.

God saw her.

God heard her.

God had chosen her.

After physical respite, He would give her a spiritual respite too.

Mary awoke to the sound of excited voices and feet rushing to the barn door. Suddenly, sheepish shepherds slowed themselves, shyly requesting to see the baby; the Christ, the Savior, as they called Him.

As they gazed upon this baby they forgot themselves, excitedly reiterating what the angels had proclaimed.

Mary stood close by gazing at her baby in wonder as her heart turned over the shepherd’s words.

Her body wasn’t as tired and her spirit not as down-trodden. Her nap had been beneficial. But it was the shepherd’s words that had soothed her severed soul.

She hadn’t imagined this!

No, God was gifting her with the confirmation through these ecstatic shepherds.

Smiling to herself she settled back into her straw bed, amazed at her God.

He had chosen her.

And now, He chose to comfort her.

How great a God she served!



What truths comfort me when my soul feels severed?

How can I recall these truths when I need them?

How might I encourage others who feel in despair?


Prayer: Dear God, You are the God who sees, who hears, and who gifts us with what we need at the moment. Sometimes Lord, that need is confirmation. Please help me to listen to Your still, small voice above the cries of all the other voices surrounding me. The world might tell me otherwise, but I know I can trust You. Please help me to remember that. Thank You Lord, for Your constant care. Amen.

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