He is with HIM, Part I

Seven days and counting. Seven days before His much anticipated reunion with His Father. Walking the hot, dusty road, Jesus leads the way to Bethany with His disciples.

Each step brings Him closer to His destiny, a calling His disciples could not comprehend.

How did God encourage His Son throughout the most difficult week of His life?

How does God encourage us through our difficult days? Do we see and know that encouragement?

Over the next six weeks we will witness how God supplied exactly what His Son needed in order to carry out His calling to build a bridge between God and us. Maybe you’ll recognize the very same Father supplying all your needs for the moment you are in.

Hot, dusty and tired, Jesus arrived at Bethany. How refreshing to meet and greet dear friends Mary, Martha, and Lazarus!  They provided not only physical refreshment of a meal and drink and a shelter from the blazing sun, but also a peaceful place to rest both the weary body and soul.

As Mary lavishly poured out nard on Jesus’ feet, the strong scent of the rich perfume permeated the room.  Jesus relaxed, reclining at the table with His good friend Lazarus.  He exhaled as He enjoyed the cleansing of His feet with the sweet smell filling the air.

His peace was momentarily threatened when Judas, the dishonest disciple, questioned Mary’s motives and practicality. “Why wasn’t this perfume sold and money given to the poor?  It was worth a year’s wages,” asked Judas.

Jesus knew Judas’ heart.  Judas wasn’t as concerned with the poor as he was with his profit.

“Leave her alone,” Jesus replied.  “It was intended that she should save this perfume for the day of my burial. You will always have the poor among you, but you will not always have me.”

Jesus knew what was coming. His own death.  Yet, He didn’t appear stressed out.  With authority, he explained that Mary had the right.

He also issued Judas a reminder and a warning. “You will always have the poor among you, but you will not always have me.” (Was this His code for STOP! Consider Your Heart?)

God led Jesus to Bethany. He led Him into a time of fellowship with dear friends and with his disciples.  He began the confirmation of that week’s calling with Mary preparing Jesus’s body for burial.

God also gave the grace Jesus would need to instruct Judas. God called His very own Son into a most difficult situation, yet He went with Him and supplied the needed support.

God wants to do the very same for you and for me.  Will we choose to allow Him? Or, will we push Him away?



What physical and emotional needs would Jesus have possessed the day He arrived in Bethany?

How did God supply those needs?

For some of those needs, God utilized humans to help meet those needs.  Am I available to help in meeting other’s needs?


Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, Thank You for the demonstration of Your love and ability throughout the Scriptures.  You have constantly met the needs of Your people throughout history.  And You still do today. Please help me to remember I don’t have to do anything alone; You are always there. You are waiting on my invitation to join me and carry me through whatever trial occurs today.  It is through You that I can do anything. Please remind me of that truth as I venture into each day. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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