A Heart Longing

Marcy finally pulled her car into her parents’ country driveway. She heard the soft crunch of the gravel under the tires as she slowed further. The huge white snowflakes floated lazily onto the mountainous drifts, bestowing a perfect peace upon her.

Her childhood home was an illuminated beacon in the darkened fields. Her heart stirred as she spied her childhood pet, a cream-colored calico cat, slowly saunter off her perch on the front porch. Taffy was curious who was here.

Parking in the driveway her dad was out to greet her before she could exit the car.

“Dad,” she exclaimed as she clamored out into his embrace, “It’s so good to be home!”

“So good to see you, sweetie,” he said as he released her in search of her luggage. She smiled as she glanced down to her feet. Taffy purred loudly as she rubbed against her calves.

It was so good to be home.

By two evenings later, on Christmas Eve, good food and good laughter had lightened her heart and soothed her spirit. She had temporarily forgotten her new station in life and its’ accompanying concerns. She reveled in the familiar comforts of home.

Greatly anticipating visiting the small white church of her childhood and her dearly loved grandparents, and dressed quickly and climbed into the car with her parents.

She enjoyed the conversation through the countryside, making the minutes fly. As she ascended the church stairs she recalled attending Sunday school as a small girl.  She remembered her teacher gazing into each face surrounding the kindergarten table and proclaiming, “Yes Stacy, Jesus loves you.  Yes Marcy, Jesus loves you.”

How easy it was to believe her declaration when she was still in her single digits.

She smiled. What better night than tonight to meet Jesus again.

After several hugs to her grandparents and longtime friends, she settled into the pew between her parents. The old organ joyously proclaimed “Joy to the World” as Marcy watched the aged preacher slowly work his way to the pulpit, patting several members of his flock along the way.

“Who came tonight hoping to greet the King of kings, the Prince of peace?” He paused, his kind eyes glancing around the room. “God sent his Son to earth in the least intimidating form possible: a baby. He did that so we wouldn’t be afraid to come to Him.”

That resonated with Marcy. Facing all the harsh realities she witnessed these last months, she had learned to fear much.

But, she didn’t need to fear Jesus. And, Jesus was King. She didn’t need to fear He couldn’t make things right.

As the preacher stepped from the pulpit and the choir reminded them of the angels’ response to the birth of Jesus, Marcy closed her eyes.

She soaked in the peace of that moment. She basked in the candlelit glow which highlighted the cross, proclaiming Jesus as royalty over the earth.

Marcy’s eyes opened as she realized: “I must decide if I will allow Him to be King of my heart too.”



Author note: This is Part II in a three-part series. Part I is in the preceding post. Next week, Part III.

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