Tend Your Flocks

Do you have a specific calling on your life? Are you stuck in a place that your can’t imagine how or when the fulfillment of that calling could possibly transpire?

David, a simple shepherd boy, youngest son of a humble herdsman, received a colossal calling. God’s servant, Samuel, anointed young David as God’s chosen for King.


A simple shepherd boy?

After the anointing, you may expect a festive fanfare, a sensational celebration, and rampant rejoicing!

What did David do after his anointing?

He returned to his flock.

After Samuel’s proclamation David returned to his task at hand: tending his flock.

He didn’t waste time wondering the exact how or when of God’s timing. He trusted God to fulfill His promise in His good timing, although it didn’t appear to be anytime soon.

Sometimes, we have a deep desire to do something which God has laid on our hearts. Sometimes, we may wonder, “Did I misunderstand? Did God really call me to this?”, or “Is this really ever going to happen?”

And, what should I do in the meantime?

David was anointed as King. His ruling did not begin that day. Instead, he returned to tend his flock. Protect, feed, and shelter those sheep in his care.

All the while knowing, someday God would place him in a different role.

While he was waiting, David utilized that time to draw close to the Lord. “From that day on the Spirit of the Lord came powerfully upon David” (I Samuel 16:13 NIV)

He continued on with his tasks at hand while growing in faith – all for preparation to fulfill his calling.

Maybe you believe you have a calling on your life. Maybe you can’t imagine being any further from it today. Maybe you are even feeding doubts and despair. Don’t!

God does not forget His children! We need to simple do what He’s assigned us today. He knows our future assignments. He knows how today’s tasks prepare us for tomorrow’s to-do lists.

He also wants us to learn in the wait. Learn to trust Him, even if it doesn’t make sense to us.

Learn to act in obedience, even if it’s to do tasks we might not choose.

Learn to love God more each day. Allow and encourage our faith to grow so we are as prepared as possible for every assigned calling each and every day!

Author note: A special thank you to author Kira of @GodGirlGram on Instagram. We had a special conversation this past week which inspired this message. Thank you Kira, you have wisdom beyond your years!



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