“Where Are You?”

Frustrated, the realization set in. She had lost a bag. Not just any bag. It was her Sunday bag. The bag she carried to church. The bag which held her worn, pages-falling-out and cover-fading Bible.

She searched inside her home. No bag.

She searched inside her car. No bag.

She even returned to search inside her church. No bag.

“It will turn up,” she told herself, “I have my Bible app on my phone until it does.”

Only, somehow, without her beloved Bible with its highlighted verses and word-filled margins, she lost her routine.

Before she knew it, a week went by and she hadn’t spent time with her Savior.

She found cracks in her character she hadn’t seen before. She felt her temper rise faster and her heart despair farther.

“God what is wrong with me?” she cried out.

The words from Genesis 3:9 filled her mind, “Where are you?”

A simple question.

A valid question.

A question she did not want to answer because she quickly recognized the truth: it was she who was missing, not Him.

She had allowed losing time with Scripture to translate into lost conversation with God and then to grow in a girl living for herself.

She reflected on His question, “Where am I?”

Unlike His intent, her heart felt condemnation. She realized it was she who was not spending time with Him, not He who was abandoning her.

She vowed to change, right then and there. She prayed, read Scripture on her phone and learned the lesson well.

Amazingly she found her Bible in the trunk of her car the next day…


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