Water Horse Revelation

Sometimes, our present pain can squelch our faith and unabashedly blind us to who God is.

Recently, I watched a compelling movie, The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep.

The main character, Agnes, a boy of about ten, finds an egg which eventually hatches to grow into a water horse, or Loch Ness Monster.

He manages to hide the phenomenon from his mother and the soldiers who are staying with them during WWII.

Eventually, the water horse’s life is endangered and Agnes rushes to the rescue. His mother frantically searches for him when he’s not at home and the attacks appear to begin.

Upon finding him far from their safe haven, she is worried and fearful and frustrated beyond belief. She can’t fathom his claim of having a water horse and yells at her son, “You’ve gone mad! There is no sea monster! There’s only this horrible war!”

How many people do we know that could easily say, “You’ve gone mad! There is no God. There’s only this horrible world!”

They, like Agnes mom, have never seen evidence, proof of existence.

The only experience, only history, is pain and suffering. The longing for more meaning but never finding it. There is absolutely nothing to indicate a remote possibility of anything else.

The movie ends in great revelation for Agnes and his mother.

But for many people, that revelation has yet to come.

Our job as believers of Christ is to speak the truth, reflect God in our words and actions, and admit when we fail. We also must fervently pray. Pray for God to unveil who He is, and how He loves.  The great revelation is His, and His alone.

We can’t break barriers others have erected around their hearts. But we can pray to the One who can permanently put pain in its rightful place.

And trust Him to reveal everything in His time.

(Ephesians 1:9 “God made known to us the mystery of his good will according to his pleasure, which he purposed in Christ.” NIV)

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