In Need of Sonshine?

A quick trip outside in the afternoon sunshine is all I need to lift my spirits. I work all day in a wonderful classroom. It has plenty of cabinets, four sinks, smartboard and two TV’s! What more could I want?

A window to the outside.

In the cinderblock rectangle of technology, I miss the simple satisfaction of the sun.

I found it particularly painful in the winter. I’d arrive before daybreak and never glimpse those golden rays until lunch.

Now, as the earth awakens and the grass greens up proclaiming spring has sprung, my heart longs to gaze into a bright world of color!

Life just seems better, feels more content, when I can see the sun.

I feel better physically and mentally when I can spy the golden ball in the sky.

Spiritually I am better when I abide in the Son – in Jesus. When I am honest with Him about my daily challenges and life-long struggles.

When I can actually close my lips and halt my tongue and stop to contemplate: what would Jesus do?

Those times when I construct my own son-less days; whether it’s perceived too little time to stay in His presence or too many to-do items to construct a conversation, I grow weary. Those days are dreary.

Just like a few sun-filled days can perk up my happy-go-lucky outlook; a few son-filled moments can lift my soul.

Jesus promises in John 15:4 “Remain in me as I also remain in you.” (NIV)

How comforting to claim that promise! He will remain in me – and I only need to look at Him to see past the gray clouds of this life to see the glory of the Son!

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