Known Heritage

Where do you come from? Families created through adoption often witness a teen’s curiosity about their birth parents as they grow up.

Who are my birth parents?

Where was I born?

Under what circumstances?

What is my biological heritage?

When we become followers of Christ we have a spiritual heritage. The best documentation of it is the Bible. God recorded people and places, promises and predicaments all inside, to pass down our heritage through Him.

He wants us to know what He has done; not only creating the world but also creating plans for you and me.

Not only working wondrous miracles, but weaving unfathomable disaster into faith-building redemption.

He wants us to know the legacy of:

His character,

His laws, and

His promises.

He wants us to know Him.

He wants us to follow Him.

He wants us to love Him as He loves us.

To know Him, follow Him, and love Him, we need to understand our inherited heritage He lovingly bestowed on us.

We need to know the stories of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. We need to understand how those stories apply to us today.

Like the people of Nehemiah’s day, learning our spiritual heritage can spark tears, sadness, and conviction.

Sometimes, we clearly had no idea.

But, as Nehemiah proclaimed, our heritage is a cause for celebration. As we know God more, we recognize His great love for us.

His heritage will captivate our hearts.

Suggested reading: Nehemiah 8; John 3:16



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