Christmas Presence

Are you ready for Christmas?

The golden question I have been asked so frequently the past week. As of today, not all the presents are home, the live tree is still standing in a random field, no wrapping has occurred, and baking, well about tomorrow I will begin a Betty Crocker day!

But I have told people I am ready. I am ready to worship Jesus. I am ready to focus on the Greatest Love Story ever: God looking at His creation and authoring a way for His sinful children to return back into His presence.

I am ready to let go of this crazy schedule and ridiculous expectations and allow myself to sit in silent wonder of just how much God loves each one of us. How He treasures us. How He wants to spend time with us.

He doesn’t want us to stress about His Son’s birthday. He wants us to be joy-filled and celebratory. He wants us to be able to treasure the time off and spend it with those we love; not schedule commitments out of obligation.

Are you ready for Christmas? Are you ready to worship the Creator of everything? Are you ready to enjoy this wonderful time of year and let its true meaning wash over you and fortify your soul?

I pray that in the midst of the chaos you will chisel out many quiet, beautiful moments to sit before a lit candle and read His love story. You will read His great love for all humanity, and for you personally. Maybe, you will even experience a Mary moment and “treasure up all these things” in your heart.

Let your heart listen to His quiet words whispered through the pages and allow your mind to fix on the true meaning of Christmas.


Merry Christmas!

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