My Days

My days have changed dramatically over the past year. I embarked on a new “day job” last autumn. I am an RN, but am now also a high school teacher. I teach biomed at a STEM, Early College High School. A career move that could have only been authored by God. I love the students, I love teaching about the human body, and I so appreciate this opportunity to hear so many people’s stories as they journey through life.

I usually write after dinner, and my favorite time, at 6 am on Saturday mornings when my daughters sleep in and my husband simply makes me coffee and takes the dog out so I can pursue the story on my heart.

I reserve Sundays for worship and rest. I’ve tried to use Sunday as the “catch up” day in the past and found it just never works for me. I have learned there was a reason why God wants me to rest every seven days! Sunday afternoons are the one time each family member keeps free and we often find ourselves hiking or playing a board game marathon.

I have a long list of dream pursuits for later in life, but I try to build margins into my life to make the days manageable and joyful. While preparing for the day, I ask God to show me His to-do list. I so easily get caught up in mine, and could so easily miss any divine assignments: a word of encouragement, a hug, or simply lending an ear.

I am imperfect and often find myself blazing ahead, but His love and grace are sufficient. As I look back over my life, I see slow yet constant improvement. How encouraging! In order to serve others, I need to care for myself. I have learned my personal formula: eat healthfully + exercise + quality time spent with God and in His word + doing something creative + enough rest. A bonus is adding in some quality Christian rock music!