A New Attitude

I closed my computer and sighed. I was so tired. Why Lord, did You call me to this?

I enjoy most things I do every day. Last year, I launched a new career. It was a challenge. But the biggest part of the challenge was the fact I had to go back to school for a Master’s degree.

Every ounce of my being fought the idea of returning to school. I had thanked the Lord that stage of life was over decades ago.

Now, I’m back to the books as I encourage my own daughter in her freshman year of college.

I’ll be the first to admit my attitude stunk. But, I wasn’t doing anything about it.

Until I read Philippians 2:14 one early Saturday morning. “Do everything without grumbling and arguing.”  A paraphrase might have read, “Cheerfully do the work I have given you.”


I really hadn’t done that at all. My family knew I wasn’t happy. My colleagues knew I wasn’t happy. My friends definitely knew I wasn’t happy.

And I’m sure the Lord hadn’t missed any of this at all.

Every time I grumbled, I was arguing with God over His assignment for me. It was as if I were saying, “You don’t know what You’re doing!” 

I’d be willing to bet He wasn’t happy with my attitude.

I’m still not happy every moment outside work seems stolen for school. But I’m working on only allowing positive things to escape my lips concerning my courses.

Recently, I registered for next semester. By May, I should be halfway to my Master’s degree. (I had to really work to push out the part of me which inwardly moaned, only half-way!)

Sometimes God calls us to scenarios we would rather skip, and problems we don’t wish to ponder.

But, each does serve a purpose. We need to trust Him. We also need to glorify Him in whatever we’re doing. Not only in action, but in our choice of words as well.

I’m slowly learning that means doing what He’s called me to do without grumbling or arguing.

I may have felt too old to be in school, but God is teaching me He’s not done with me yet!