Prepare Before Battle

“I signed up for a marathon in six months, I’ve got to get training,” Sami said as she pulled her hair from her face, “but it’s been a long day and I feel so tired.” She glanced around at the mess in her room. “I’ll start tomorrow.”

Tomorrow was born a crazy day. The alarm somehow didn’t go off early, as she’s planned. Rushing out the door, her thoughts rushed ahead to the evening, I will make time then.

That evening, her workload stacker higher and she knew she couldn’t possibly take the time.

By the end of the next week she had not started. Nor by the end of the next month.

Time for the marathon came and Sami thought, “Well, it’s for a good cause, even if I only go partway, I’m doing something.”

Three miles in she was out of breath and in significant pain. It was time to quit.

Why did I never make the time to train?

Maybe like me, you can relate to Sami. I meant to start this good habit. I knew I would reap many benefits, but somehow I just never found the time.

I have done that with Bible Study. Yes, I want to know God better. Yes, I want to know what His word says. Why can it be a hard habit to start? Why does it seem that everything goes wrong, preventing me from having extra time, extra energy, extra determination needed?

“I can all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13 promises. ¬†Did that promise only things which required physical strength? Emotional strength? Spiritual strength? Organizational strength?

It says all things…

All things.

Christ knew what it was to walk this earth, to live with earthly demands. He also knew what was important. He called on God’s strength to steal away and spend time with His heavenly Father.

We need to follow His example. At some point in this life, we very well may be called to run a spiritual marathon. That marathon jut might be the toughest situation we never could have imagined, never could have possibly prepared for. Yet, by getting to know God and His word in a regular routine, when called upon to run that marathon, we just might be ready if we start today.

Refuse to Converse

It was a simple question, or so she thought. He simply misunderstood. I can correct that, she patiently smiled, her heart warming to the idea of setting him straight.

“Did God really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden?'”

Oh, no, she began to clarify.

Suddenly he was correcting her. And, his words were convincing.

They made sense, at least at the moment.

Just like that, she found herself trying something the day before she would not have dared.

While we might read the words prepared to author another outcome, can we really say we never fall for Satan’s schemes?

I truly wish I could. I wish what I am so convinced of today would always remain first and forefront in my heart.

I know engaging in small talk with the enemy of my soul is downright dangerous, but in those moments, I often fail to give it a second thought.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13 (ESV)

Through Christ.

Not through me.

Not my wisdom.

Not my perception.

Because I’m flawed far greater that my eyes can see.

But I can trust in Him to lead me and guide me. He will too, if I only ask. Then I must keep my eyes fixed on Him, and refuse to converse with a slippery, slithery serpent who is ready to steal my soul.