I was raised attending church.  My earliest memories include praying to God for significant requests for health and healing, and also praying for God not to let Jesus return until after I graduated from college and could become a nurse!

Well, I did graduate college with my BSN and a business minor, but by that time I was not the single girl that had imagined entering the mission field in some foreign land.  Instead, I was married and already had our first daughter.

Over the next six years I would attend weekly Bible study, searching for answers on how to best parent.  One task high on my list was how to teach my children the Bible.  Although I grew up attending church and youth group, attended a Christian college, and had read devotionals that would select a verse here and there; I did not know the Bible and desired to know it myself.  I wanted my children presented with the Truth. I prayed each would grow up with a firm foundation for faith.

We had two daughters by the time we were moving to a new state after my husband’s graduation from Graduate School.  He took a job requiring him to travel every Monday through Thursday.  To encourage family time, we decided to homeschool.  Our first daughter was in first grade at the time.

It was through homeschooling with a purchased Christian Curriculum that I myself finally began to grasp just who God is.  That summer I read through the Bible in its’ entirety for the first time.  We used the book Leading Little Ones to God in our homeschool curriculum and it was teaching me too.

While in a new place, without my husband most of the time, yet teaching my children all the time, I began to rely on God in ways I had never imagined.  I learned He does care about everything, even the “small stuff!”

I drew even closer to Him and began to pray what seemed like impossible prayers.  After quite some time I faced the biggest challenge yet: at 32, I was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer. The doctors pulled my husband aside, telling him to get help here to raise our now three girls. I had a less than 10% chance of surviving five years. That was in April 2007.

I went through multiple surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation. I also had the new-at-the-time wonder drug, Herceptin, an IV drug needed for one year.

By March 2008 my scans were clear: no signs of cancer. I visit too many specialists too many times each year, but the verdict is always the same: no signs of cancer.

Life eased up awhile and then challenges arose. But God has added faith with each obstacle.

I have learned His promises are true, and yes, He can be trusted. He will never leave me to myself. He will always do what is best for me. Words I do not pen lightly, yet life experience has taught me they are true.

I have not found life as a Christian to be easy. I have not found trying to do things the “right way” to be simple. Yet, I have never needed to do it alone. God has carried me through trials I never would have seen the other side of if left to my own devices.

If you’re searching for God, not sure He’s there, or uncertain that Jesus would pursue you, I pray you find those answers. Hopefully this site might offer you some hope!

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